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Each Month we ship a half pound of a delicious chocolate.

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Each Month we ship a half pound of a delicious chocolate. The reciever will enjoy twelve pieces of twelve selected fine handmade chocolates. Truly the gift that reminds them of how sweet you are all year long! We do triple shipments twice a year to ensure quality products during the hotter months.

January- Coconut Snowballs ( a coconut cream handmade, dipped in white chocolate, the rolled in fresh coconut)

February- Old Fashioned Chocolate Covered Cherries (our hand wrapped cherries in milk and dark chocolate)

March- Irish Potatoes ( a coconut cream rolled in a delicious cinnamon spice)

April- Peanut Butter Bite Size Eggs( our dreamy peanut butter in milk chocolate)

May- Vanilla Butter Creams

June- Chocolate Covered Cashews

July- Handwrapped Caramels

August – Non Pariels

September -Peppermint Bricks

October- Handstirred Caramels with Pecans

November- Pumpkin Pie Creams

December-Rosette Mints ( our famous rosette mints)


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