Need to make some extra cash for your PTO? Call us! No Funraisier is to Small or Too large! We offer over 100 items! You can do a simple Caramel Apple Sale, Or a Gourmet Popcorn Sale!

Easter your thing? Yes! We offer Hollow and Solid Shaped Easter Figures, Filled Eggs, Jelly Beans and More!

Perhaps you want to offer Strawberrie? Oh yes! we do that too!


2 thoughts on “Fundraising”

  1. Beth Winters says:

    Beth Winters here – New Hope Church
    Interested in doing an Easter candy fundraiser. Have lots of questions. Please give me a call. 717-858-2474. Left a message yesterday. Having a meeting on Tuesday. Need to do a presentation to the committee. Thank you.

    1. Anna Dalby says:

      I will call you this mornng. Anna

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