Welcome to Anstine’s FUN Page!

As Anstine’s has been in the York County Community for Over 80 years we have watched the rise and fall of Quality Fundraising Opportunities. The fewer options the less it seemed the Fundraisiers made. As Parents we were frustrated. As a Retailer and Manufacturer, WE knew People could enjoy Quality Chocolates, Delicious Gummis, and More Money in their community pockets, without the consumer feeling as if they spent way too much, with no solid results for their community.

So after much wrangling of numbers and dialing in of our product options, we offered in 2014 our first F.U.N. Form! Each year we design Custom forms with links for each individual group to enjoy. 

We insist on a 50/50 format because it’s easier, and more rewarding. Everyone knows what is going back to their community from what they donate, plus they get the BEST, CLEANEST, PUREST Confections. 

It’s not perfect yet! But eventually, We would love to see DRONE DELIVERY of OUR FUN Orders! Always look forward!